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dig out the heart

Digging out the Heart
If you would not be forgotten,
As soon as you are dead and rotten,
Either write things worthy reading,
Or do things worth the writing.
Benjamin Franklin

Why am I fearful of expressing my inner self? Do I not find the time to think or I have erected high and thick barricades to suppress true and genuine thoughts. Whatever reason may be, I have not done justice with my inner person. I have muffled him with taps of fear and shyness. The exterior has become stronger. What can win me a personal rather than a public victory is not being given a fair chance. Who taught me to be opportunistic, to mold myself according to the wishes of others; to do things which are right for me, not right by their nature? What made me focus on personality, not on conscience? Lying in my bad under the thick quilts, I say so many things to myself, my heart vociferating to my body, but in front of others it does not even whisper or murmur.

Do I think that if the truth is told to others, I will be downgraded for my poor work, vulnerable ideas, shaky arguments, or for the given have-nots. Why don’t I or any one else tell me that no one is perfect? Not all of us have the exalted degree of perfection. Maybe the others too have the same problem that I have; it is why they don’t tell me.  Perhaps many of us don’t know that imperfection is the crack through which genius flows.  When the rough lava flows from the volcano, sometimes diamonds also come out with it.  Until the unrefined ideas go through the heat of criticism, they cannot become pure gold of wisdom.  

Rationality also says to give vein to your ideas.  Among the flood of many said things will also be there one or two brilliant ones which are like candles or rays of light that pierce the thick layers of every darkness; and for us as human beings it is great to do one great thing as we cannot be perfect in all things.  

Why not dig out our hearts what they say for the hearts not heard are like treasures not explored; are like mines not excavated.  Let us dig out our hearts and add some truth to piles of fallacies; some realities to absurd dreams. The hypes of fallacies surrounding us should not scare us from telling the truth; rather they should encourage us, for ray of light shines more if there is darkness all around.