Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

By: Attaullah Shah



Writing is a good habit: once you develop this habit, it pays off through out of your life. Things to write on always surround you. Human mind is such a fertile land that it seldom becomes sterile. What you need is to give it a nudge every once and then. If you write a page or half every day, you will see substantial difference in your writing with the passage of time. In today’s world where the internet has made many thing available at our finger tips, there is always a temptation to drag your mouse pointer over what seems directly relevant to your search and then copy and paste it into your word processor. But this can be very detrimental to your writing habits. It also pours cold water on your thinking abilities. This is not to say that the internet is altogether useless, rather it is an invaluable research tool, but one has to use it judiciously. This is why I always press on using one's own wordings while taking help from the internet.

Following are some articles that I wrote some time back. These articles show random thoughts which land in everyone’s mind with the passage of time. They may or may not have necessarily moral lessons, but what they do have is a voice of man that resides inside every human being. I post these articles in order to give you some examples of what you can write on. Please send me your comments regarding these articles on attashah15@hotmail.com

1. Digging out the heart

2. Focus

3. Dominant personality

4. Young Age

5. Incompleteness

6. Only if…..