Final Assignment

    The final assignment or viva

The final assignment or viva has 10 marks. students have the option to submit the assignment or apear for viva.


Question related to the course of comprehensive exam will be asked from the students. The final date of the viva will be announced soon


You are expected to write at least 300 words on any 5 of the following concepts. the assignment must be submitted to . The assignment will be checked for plagiarism, which if exceeds 18% will lead to cancellation of the assignment.

1. write major steps in winding up a company under the Companies Ordinance of Pakistan (ii) steps in Compromises, Arrangement and Reconstruction under the Companies Ordinance of Pakistan
2. Discuss how mergers and acquisitions can eliminate dead-weight losses?
3. Can leverage solve agency costs of debt? Explain in detail.
4. Why APV method is considered better than WACC in LBOs and mergers?
Differentiate between financial distress, bankruptcy, liquidation, and reorganization.
6. Discuss how and why WACC is adjusted over time in LBOs?