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Grading and Evaluation

MS and PhD in Management (Finance)

Seminar in Finance

Evaluation System 


Each paper that we discuss in class will be preceded by a summary write-up of the same paper. The maximum time available for submission of each summary is the 11:59:59 PM of each Sunday preceding the class. The summaries can only and only be submitted to the www.turnitin.com, which will not accept your submission after the due time. Details for creating your account on www.turnitin.com are given below:


1.     Click on this link https://www.turnitin.com/ >> Create a new account >> New students start here>>>

2.     In the class ID space, give these digits 5840471

3.     In the password, write= imsms

4.     Complete the rest of the registration process

5.     Once the registration process is complete, then login into your account

6.     After login, click on the class "Seminar in Finance 2013 "

7.     And then click on "Fama and French 1992"

8.     Click on submit button and upload your assignment

9.     After 10 minutes, you can see the originality report of your assignment

Details of the Summary Write-up:

1.     Main Paper Summary Write-up

The probability of better grads is directly proportional to the quality and length of the summary. This write-up carries 5 marks.  The details about ingredients of the summary are given in Section 2 below:


2.     Summary Ingredients

The summary should contain the following sections

2.1            Introduction of the paper: Discuss in here:

·        How the author introduces the broader area and topic

·        how and why the area is important (if the author has discussed it, implicitly or explicitly)

·        discuss how the author identifies gap or issues with existing research

·        discuss how the author bridges that gap, and/or highlights his/her contribution to the literature

2.2            Literature Review

·        There might a separate section of literature review, if not, then look for literature elsewhere in the paper to give a brief account of the previous research on the topic. Your review should be structured such that theoretical/conceptual issues are discussed first, and then empirical findings to support or disapprove the theoretical findings

2.3            Methodology

·        Discuss the sample selection procedure, time period and sample of firms and rationale for it

·        Discuss the variable construction process, and rationale for it

·        Identify dependent and independent variables

·        Write and explain the statistical model (if there is any) to an extent possible

2.4            Analysis and Findings

·        Discuss major findings of the paper

·        Discuss how the author differentiates these findings from the existing ones

·        Discuss rationale /logical explanations given for the findings