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How an External Examiner Evaluates Your MS Thesis

Instead of writing an essay on "How an External Examiner Evaluates Your MS Thesis",  I shall get straight to the point. Following are some of the evaluation reports that I have written as an external evaluator of MS thesis. To keep the identity of the students hidden, I have removed their names and thier university affiliations. Please note that these comments do not necessarily reflect all possible areas of evaluations, but they do reflect what shortcomings were observed in theses sent to me. 

You can download the evaluation report in MS Word format by clicking on the download button that is given at the end of each thesis title. 

1. The Impact of Microfinance on the Income of Borrowers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Case Study of Khuashali Bank [Download Evaluation Report ]

2. Effect of Size and Value Premium in Listed Companies of Karachi Stock Exchange 
[Download Evaluation Report ]

3. Government Ownership Premium and Asset Pricing 
[Download Evaluation Report ]

4. Stock Market Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Asian Markets 
 [Download Evaluation Report ]

5. Government Ownership Premium and Asset Pricing [Download Evaluation Report ]

6. Macroeconomic variables and Bankruptcy [Download Evaluation Report ]

7. Impact of Communication and Information Technology on Social Development [Download Evaluation Report ]

8. Impact of Political News on Stock Market Volatility: Case Study of KSE 100 Index [Download Evaluation Report ]

9. Impact of Monetary Policy on Stock Returns: Evidence from Manufacturing Sectors of Pakistan [Download Evaluation Report ]