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Respected Dr. Attaullah Shah,

I hope this email finds you in the best of health.

I am writing these lines to thank you for your compilation of data at opendoors.pk. I was skimming the internet for financial data for my advance financial management class and was pleasantly surprised to see your website. I am sure this data would also be very beneficial for my investment analysis and portfolio management class.

Best Regards,

Hamza Ahmad Qureshi
Institute of Business & Information Technology (IBIT)
University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Dear Mr. Shah,

Your endeavour to provide a consolidated database for historical stock prices is a worthwhile effort. As a compliment to your efforts I have attached a MATLAB program that can plot the KSE 100 index for any time period for the given data. So for example, to receive the output of the index for the years 2000-2005, just put the 'data.mat' and 'kse.m' files in the workspace folder and then type kse(2000,2005) and the plot will be produced. I give you my permission to share this program on your website if you wish to do so.



Assalm alikum 

Respected Sir,

I am Ume Salma Akbar  Lecturer finance and Ph.D scholar at Sukkur IBA Sindh Pakistan. 

I am really thankful to for such a sincere effort for Pakistani research scholars 
I really became surprised when i saw your name as pioneer for this site as i have gone through most of your articles, may you be the blessed one for this struggle. 

Ume Salma Akbar 
Lecturer (Accounting & Finance)
Sukkur Institute of Business Administration,Sukkur

Dear Sir,
 I am teacher of accounting & Finance. I am really impressed with the way
 your lectures are planned prepared organized and communicated. You are
 really a source of inspiration for me. I need your help and guidance for
 the courses of Accounting & Finance. I want you to please share your data
 for the different courses of finance and also your own research work.
 Thanking you in anticipation.
  Muhammad Azeem Naz
 M. Com. Campus (Johar Campus)
 Punjab College of Commerce,
 467 D II, Abdalian Housing Scheme,
 Johar Town

My name is Asad and I am a student of MS Finance at Air University , Islamabad I really cant express my gratitude and well wishing to you for your generous act of making such website ... that allows researchers to use data that is all for free and all on one website ... I really wanted to do such thing ,but never had enough courage to do it ... What you have done sir , is far beyond amazing ... One small Request ..


     I would like to appreciate your work and efforts that made so easy for a researcher to get data. I am exploring your website of financial database from last one week and i found it well sequenced with lots of information. Its an appreciable work which you did and you will be rewarded for your effort in the form of Blessings. May ALLAH help you in every field and give you more power and courage for future efforts also. Thanks alot for creating this easiness and making Pakistani students a good researcher. Because alot of time problem exists at the time of collection of data but i think after this site there will be much easiness for all.
Secondly i have few years data of some macro variables of Pakistan which i will send you, and you can upload that also. I have data of Exchange rate, IPI, Exports, Unemployment, Taxes etc. I will email you all that data very soon. My main area od=f research remaines capital markets of pakistan, for a long time and i know how difficulties i faced while collecting data. After watching and exploring your website i think i dont have words for appreciation of you efforts. But i would like to say THANKS ALOT FOR A WONDERFUL JOB.
May ALLAH Bless u.

Adnan Akhter
University Institute of Management Sciences

Dear Sir,


My name is Uzma and I am doing MS ECONOMICS from International Islamic University Islamabad.

I am working on my thesis that is on "Determinants of Corporate Philanthropy: A Case of Karachi Stock Exchange". for this I was collecting data on all companies registered at KSE from long time. Today I have just found your website which has lot of data on market price of shares. and I have seen that you have collected annual reports of almost all companies. and made it publicly available for others. that's a very good contribution from your side. May Allah bless you more than your expectations and wishes.

I am really happy to see that there are some people who are not selfish and think about others. very good. Keep it up.


Uzma Bashir Awan

Uzma Bashir Awan
MS Economics
International Islamic University Islamabad

Dear Dr Attaullah Shah
I have done my Ph.D from copenhagen Business School and also started my teaching in that business School. I was searching the course material for Financial Risk Management and found your site. you are doing amazing job by creating this site. I have dowloaded all course material from your site......

Prof. Juniad Khan


Dear Sir,

I am Shahzad Ijaz, a student of M.S Management Sciences (Fianace) at the University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi. The etiology of writing this e-mail to you is to extend some very humble words of gratitude and compliments to you for the novel website you have designed to help students and to harvest the best of the concepts and literature in finance. I had the honour of going through your website, and it appealed me so much that I couldn't resist myself and now writing you this e-mail.

You would be amazed to know about how I found your website. I was in need of some FRM topics. I just did google some keywords and it returned with your site.

Sir, I really believe that this effort of yours is a high class facility which any student or teacher in any part of the world would appreciate and idealize. I'll be trying my level best to learn maximum our of your brilliance and experience uploaded on that website and hope that you would continue facilitating studnets in the coming future.

Shahzad Ijaz



Dear Respected Attallulah,

I am a student of MS management sciences in Muhammad Ali Jinnah university Karachi & going through research phase during this i need to collect stock market & macro economic data but difficult to find it in the process of data collection i came across to your site where the required data is available.
I am very thankful to you because having read this that you do not want people to face difficulty like you faced during your PhD.
May Allah give you more success & help you mile stones as you wished. I would like to be in contact with you, so if you have any contact medium kindly share.

Muhammad Asim Rafique.