Stata Codes for | Fama and French Model

    Fama and French three factors model and Fama and French five factors model are widely used in the performance evaluations of stocks and portfolios and for cost of equity calculations. While it is extremely difficult to build its risk factors in conventional spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel, the job is relatively easier in programmable statistical software such as Stata and R. For this reason, we have developed efficient Stata codes to estimate Small minus Big (SMB), High minus Low (HML), left hand side (LHS) portfolios and their returns, and other related tasks. These codes are easy to implement and understand or modify for unique problems. 

    We have also developed model testing codes that includes Gibson, Ross, and Shanken (GRS) test in Stata, the Fama and French (2015) tests of the average absolute value of the intercepts, A|ai|, A|ai|/A|ri|, the average absolute value of the intercept ai over the average absolute value of ri , which is the average return on portfolio i minus the average of the portfolio returns, the average squared intercept over the average squared value of ri , corrected for sampling error in the numerator and denominator. 

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