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Independent Study - MS 2nd semester




Objective: To produce a genuine document publishable within the field of specialization.


Nature of Study: The study is of three credits and will be counted as one subject.

(No formal lectures will be delivered)


Scope of study and expected benefits: To select a topic/proposal of your own interest/specialization area with the mutual consent of your supervisors and delve deep in order to develop your understanding of the selected topic and to come up with some concluding remarks. The study should be a genuine contribution from the author’s perspective.


Scheme of Study: Supervisor will be allotted to students and the students will be required to work in close liaison with their supervisors. One meeting in a week is mandatory in order to ensure that the student is on the track. Weekly progress will be monitored and tracked. The final evaluation will comprise of a panel including the concerned supervisor, concerned coordinator, coordinator R&D and a subject expert to whom the student will be required to make a presentation and defend their work.


Duration of study: The study will have a total duration of eight weeks starting from 29th of March and the final defense/presentation will take place in the last week of study.


List of Allotted Supervisors and students


Amir Zaib                                            Finance            Mrs. Nadia Iftikhar

Asif Mahmood                                    Finance            Mrs. Nadia Iftikhar

Ayesha Masood                                  Finance            Mrs. Nadia Iftikhar

Rabbia Nawaz                                     Finance            Mrs. Nadia Iftikhar



Saeed ur Rehman                                Finance            Mr. Atta ullah Shah

Hamid Mahmood                                Finance            Mr. Atta ullah Shah

Hamid Ullah                                       Finance            Mr. Atta ullah Shah

Sajid Khan                                          Finance            Mr. Atta ullah Shah

Zahid Rahman                                    Finance            Mr. Atta ullah Shah



Muhammad Ismail                              Finance            Mr. Muhammad Akbar

Muhammad Junaid Khan                    Finance            Mr. Muhammad Akbar

Muhammad Kamran Khan                 Finance            Mr. Muhammad Akbar

Tanveer Hassan                                   Finance            Mr. Muhammad Akbar




Amir Hussain                                      Finance            Mr. Muhaamad Rafiq

M. Subayyal Khan                              Finance            Mr. Muhaamad Rafiq

Mansoor Ahmad                                 Finance            Mr. Muhaamad Rafiq

S. Muhammad Majid Shah                 Finance            Mr. Muhaamad Rafiq



Muhammad Abdullah                         Marketing        Dr. Usman Ghani

Saira Tajdar                                         Marketing        Dr. Usman Ghani

Sadia Aziz                                           Marketing        Dr. Usman Ghani



Muhammad Nauman Habib                HRM               Mr. Wasif Jamal

Muhammad Zaman                             HRM               Mr. Wasif Jamal

S. Wajeeh ul Husnain                          HRM               Mr. Wasif Jamal

Sumera Khan                                      HRM               Mr. Wasif Jamal         

Muhammad Ali                                   HRM               Mr. Wasif Jamal



Muhammad Ghayyur                          HRM               Mr. Imran Wazir

Sajjad Ul Haq Safi                              HRM               Mr. Imran Wazir

Sabina Mukhtar                                   HRM               Mr. Imran Wazir

Najla Sethi                                          HRM               Mr. Imran Wazir









                                                                                                SHAHNAWAZ KHAN

MS. Program Coordinator