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MS-Independent Study

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Independent Study     

Week 4 Progress 
I have not received any update or whatsoever from Saeed Khan  even in the 4th week, too much side effect of his wedding on studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the progress report of 4th week will be uploaded shortly. 

Week 3 Progress 
I have not received any update or whatsoever from Saeed Khan, the progress report of third week will be uploaded shortly. It is to remind all my supervisees that you final marks depend both on quality of your research and your weekly reports.


Week 1 Progress report
All students under my supervision are advised to submit their work assigned to them for the first week, by March 10, 2010. Otherwise 5 marks will be deducted from their final score of the independent study. 

Research Topic Selection
The following students are under my supervision. They are suggested to come up with their research topics and introduction to the topic by April 1, 2010 (Thursday upto 3:00 PM or as according to appointment).

Saeed ur Rehman                        

Hamid Mahmood                                     

Hamid Ullah                                             

Sajid Khan                                         

Zahid Rahman      

While selecting your topic, the following general guidelines should be kept in mind

a. The topic should contribute to the literature in some respect

b. Data required for the analysis is available or can be made available within 2-3 weeks time

c. The methodology is known and can be implemented with available econometric software

d. The topic should related to the area of corporate finance or investment


Attaullah Shah,
Apr 12, 2010, 4:15 AM