FRM Assignment 2

Risk Management Practices among Pakistani banks

Due Date : Nov 25, 2012

Marks : 05

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Summarize risk positions (exposures) and risk management practices of the assigned bank in the last 3 years covering the following points. Also, give definitions of the following points from the bank’s annual reports, website, or other documents (using your own wordings).

A. Risk Management Responsibility

    a. Risk Responsibilities (who is responsible for creating risk framework and implementation of the same)

    b. Risk Management Group Organization


a.   Sovereign Credit Risk

b.   Non-Sovereign Credit Risk

c.   Counter Party Credit Risk on Interbank Limits

d.   Country Risk

e.   Credit Administration

f.    Portfolio Risk Measurement Models

g.   Early Warning System

h.   Management of Non Performing Loans

i.     Portfolio Diversification


a.   Risk Pertaining to Trading Book

                               i.    interest Rate Risk - Trading Book

                              ii.    Equity Position Risk –

1.   Equity price risk

2.   Concentration risk

                            iii.    Duration GAP Analysis (having implication for market risk)


b.   Market Risk Capital Charge in each of the three years for the above

c.   Market risk arising from Foreign Exchange Risk



a.   Maturities of Assets and Liabilities




F.   Off-balance exposures:

a.   Letter of credit (all types, their definitions and their implication for risk/exposures/risk management)

b.   Letter of guarantee