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Assignment on Mergers and Acquistions

Please answer the following questions in not less than 500 words each. Elaborate answers with convincing arguments will get maximum marks. Make sure to write in your own words. All assignments will be uploaded to www.turnitin.com. Assignments with plagiarism of more than 15% will be marked zero. The assignments must be done in a group of not more than 3 students. Students are free to choose their group members. please send me your assignments at ims.assign@gmail.com . Write full names of the group members in the assignments, not in the emails. Last submission date is October 20, 2010.


1.       Why companies merge or go for acquisition?

2.       In the recent past, many Pakistani banks went for mergers, disucss the factors behind these mergers and summarize the overall success or failure of these mergers?

3.       Why mergers and alliances fail? Mention at least 2 real life examples from Pakistan or any other country

4.       What should companies do to make mergers successful and avoid failures?