CAF - Course Outline

IM│Sciences, Peshawar

MSc. Finance

Computer Applications for  Finance




With blunt tools even a master cannot do much. “sharpen your saw”, as advised by Stephen R. Covey in his best seller book, “The Seven Habits of Most Effective People”. The objective of this course is to bring finance and computer into one place. The course tries to sharpen your computer skills, providing you the tools with which financial models and techniques can be easily applied for valuation of financial assets and projects, creating  budgets, and many general office tasks.





1. Overview of Finance and Computer applications

2 – MS EXCEL Environment

3 – Excel Basic Functions

4 - The 'IF' commands, and nested IF commands

5 - Data Management with 'VLOOKUP and named ranges


7 - File, sheet, and range protection with password

8 - Automation with Macros

9 - Charts and Graphs, Shapes

10 - Time value of money in Excel and Amortization


4. Analysing Cash Flows Using Excel Tables and Pivot Tables


6. Analysing Financial Statements

6.1. Calculating Profitability Ratios

6.2. Calculating Liquidity and Activity Ratios

6.3. Calculating Leverage Ratios

7. Calculating the Effect of Interest Rates on Loan Repayment

8. Determining Future Cash Flows

9. Forecasting Future Growth

10. Determining Amortization and Depreciation Schedules


12. Asset Valuation Models

12.1 CAPM Model

12.2 Analyzing Bond Investments

13. Portfolio Risk and Return

            13.1 Markowitz Theory: Risk and Return

            13.2 Making efficient portfolios

Tentative Topics:

14. Basic Hypothes Testing

15. Basic Regressions

16. Percentiles, quartiles, etc.


Course Books:

Class handouts, power point presentations


Course In-charge: Attaullah Shah