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Assignment 6 - Solver

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Assignment 5 - Cheque Printing - 3 mark 

BS Accounting & Finance [ Submit Here]

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Assignment 4 - TAX Calculation with IF - 3 mark 

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Assignment 3 - Time Value of Money - 3 mark 

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Assignment 2 - Conditional Formatting - 2 mark 

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Assignment 2 - Upload Here 2 marks

 (i) Make a function that accepts the series of A B C..Z

(ii) Import Data from this file and extract dividend percentages in a separate column

Assignment 3 - Upload Here 5 marks

(i) Ratio Analysis

Assignment 4 - Upload Here 1 marks

(i) Time Value of Money

Assignment 5 - Upload Here 1 marks

(i) Comapny Serial Numbers [Download]

Assignment 6 - Upload Here 2 marks

Select 10 companies from Database, and merge the share prices data of these companies on the basis of data


Assignment 7 - Upload Here 1 marks

Macro use - Copy data 10000 times


ASSIGNMENT No. 3 Automation of Cheque Printing

Download this excel file and complete the following steps.

  • In the UBL Sheet, you should apply a macro function that does the following:
  • From the Salary sheet, person names and salary figures are posted to the relevant space of the cheque
  • Five cheques are printed with the macro in one go while the next applicaton of the macro prints next five cheques.

ASSIGNMENT No. 2 Salary Slip Calculation

 Download this excel file and complete the following steps.

1. Complete all the columns for at least 10 person by assuming different salary packages for every person

2. In column M, apply the validation function with options YES and NO

3. Calculate Taxable income in colum N, which should be linked to column M with respect to YES or NO exemption of medical allowance

4. Apply the following tax brackets and rates and find tax in column O: 

Less than 600000=0% tax

600001-950000  = 10% tax of the amount exceeding 400000

 950001-18,00,000 =  Rs. 35000+15% of the amount exceeding 750000

1,800,001-2,900,00 = Rs. 147,500+20% of the amount exceeding 1,500,000

5. Find monthly tax

6. Find monthly salary


Marks =7

Due Date = 16/1/2014

Q1: In the Referral.xls file, you need to add three columns. Do the following with excel commands (You need to convert the capital letters to proper title, then in the second column, you should separate the first name, and in the third column you need to write the last name as shown in the following example)


Proper Name

First Name

Last name


Erin O'Dell





Q2: Using the report.xlsx file, you are required to use vlookup command for retrieving data in the report sheet from the ‘Product Services’ sheet. The vlookup_value should be based on the ‘Item #’ given in C4 cell. Value of Cell C8 is equal to Cost * Qty. Qty value will be entered manually. In the Cell C9 in front of shipping, you should use if command to insert the following three conditions: If value in C8 is greater than 200, then write the text ‘Free Shipping’. If value in C8 is greater than 100, then $10, and if value in C8 is less than 100, then the formula of 3% cost on gross cost should be applied. The final Cell C10 should calculate gross cost plus shipping cost if it applies.

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