Assignments - CAF

Assignment 1 - Text extraction 

Marks = 3

Data for assignment # 2 - Download

BBA - Assignment 1 - 3 Marks - Extracting data - Upload your assignment here by Sep 26, 2019

Tasks to be completed in the assignment

(a) Convert the above dataset to Excel format using the pipe "|" as a delimiter

(b) Extract all lines that have the word dividend, dividends, or div and make a separate sheet from it. Give that sheet a name "Dividends"

(c) In that dividend sheet, extract the dividend percentages to a new column using either right, left, mid, search, len functions or "text to column" option from the data menu or combination of these techniques.

(d) In the dividend percentages, some of the records have capital O instead of zero 0, find and replace all such instance of O with 0.

(e) Repeat the above steps for finding profit/loss amounts from the main dataset

(d) Repeat the steps (a) to (d) for finding earning per share (eps) figures from the main dataset.

NOTE: Assignment copied from one another will get zero marks. 

Please add explanations for the given steps using the Insert > text box

Assignment  2: Ratio Analysis

Tasks to be completed in the assignment

Deadline October 2, 2019

Marks = 3

BBA Upload it here

Tasks to be completed in the assignment

(a) Select a company that resembles in name to your name or a company that has the first letter of its name similar to the first letter in your name

(b) collect the required information from three consecutive years of that company

(c) arrange the information in the format that we discussed in class. This information should be collected in the 'data entry'  sheet

(d) Find all the ratio that we discussed in class on a separate sheet 'Ratios'

Assignment 3 - Time value of money

Marks = 3

Download Assignment 

Deadline October 9, 2019

Assignment Upload Link

Tasks to be completed in the assignment

Solve the above questions
Take special care of formatting and presentations
Upload it before the deadline.

Assignment  6 - Macros - (All remaining Marks )

Complete any 10 macros from the following list and upload it till April 30, 2019. This assignment carries are remaining mark.

BS Accounting Upload here

BBA Upload here

  1. Unhide All Worksheets at One Go
  2. Hide All Worksheets Except the Active Sheet
  3. Sort Worksheets Alphabetically Using VBA
  4. Protect All Worksheets At One Go
  5. Unprotect All Worksheets At One Go
  6. Unhide All Rows and Columns
  7. Unmerge All Merged Cells
  8. Save Workbook With TimeStamp in Its Name
  9. Save Each Worksheet as a Separate PDF
  10. Save Each Worksheet as a Separate PDF
  11. Convert All Formulas into Values
  12. Protect/Lock Cells with Formulas
  13. Protect All Worksheets in the Workbook
  14. Insert A Row After Every Other Row in the Selection
  15. Automatically Insert Date & Timestamp in the Adjacent Cell
  16. Highlight Alternate Rows in the Selection
  17. Highlight Cells with Misspelled Words
  18. Refresh All Pivot Tables in the Workbook
  19. Change the Letter Case of Selected Cells to Upper Case
  20. Highlight All Cells With Comments
  21. Highlight Blank Cells With VBA
  22. How to Sort Data by Single Column
  23. How to Sort Data by Multiple Columns
  24. How to Get Only the Numeric Part from a String in Excel

Assignment  5  VLOOKUP

BS Accounting - Upload here

BBA - Upload it here

Old Classes

Assignment 7: Portfolio SD

Req: Find weights that gives us the maximum Sharp Ratio for the portfolio of two assets.

Constraint: The weights should sum to 1

Group A upload it here

Group B upload it here

Assignment 6: Vlookup (2 marks)

Step 1 download share prices of at least 5 companies  from database

Step 2 download index points data

step 3 merge index points with each company share prices on seperate sheets

Submission due [April 11, 2018]

Group A upload it here

Group B upload it here

Assignment 5: Conditional Formatting 10 Examples - 2 marks

Upload it here

Assignment 4 : TVM Exercise Download Assignment [ 3 marks, submission deadline = Before Feb 19, 2018]

Upload links:

BS Accounting Group A 

BS Accounting Group B

Assignment 3: Retirement Planning [ 3 marks] [ 3 marks, submission deadline = Before Feb 23, 2018]

I am 25 years old. Next year, I shall get a job and will be saving Rs. 20,000 each month. I shall keep on saving this amount till my retirement, that will happen at age 60. Following are my planning points:

1.  At age 30, I shall spend Rs. 500,000 on my marriage

2.  At age 40, I shall perform Hajj, Rs. 500,000

3.  At age 50, I shall go on a world tour, spending Rs. 1000,000

4.  At age, 60 I shall retire and will need Rs. 100,000 each month for the next 20 years


How much should I deposit more today in my account to meet all these expenditures. Rate of return = 12%

Submit in Excel file with proper formating

Solution [ Download

Ratio analysis [ 2 marks  upload till Feb 14 ]

BS Accounting Finance Group B - Upload here

BS Accounting Finance Group A submit here

Note: Assignments similar in format, content, or any other way will be cancelled.

Assignment 6 - Solver

BS Accounting - Submit Here

MSc Submit Here

Assignment 5 - Cheque Printing - 3 mark 

BS Accounting & Finance [ Submit Here]

MSc Fiance  [ Submit Here [

Assignment 4 - TAX Calculation with IF - 3 mark 

Download Assignment

BBA Accounting & Finance [ Submit Here]

MSc Fiance  [ Submit Here [

Assignment 3 - Time Value of Money - 3 mark 

Download Assignment

BBA Accounting & Finance [ Submit Here]

MSc Fiance  [ Submit Here [

Assignment 2 - Conditional Formatting - 2 mark 

BBa Accounting Students [ Submit Here]
MSc Fiance Students [ Submit Here [

Assignment 2 - Upload Here 2 marks

 (i) Make a function that accepts the series of A B C..Z

(ii) Import Data from this file and extract dividend percentages in a separate column

Assignment 3 - Upload Here 5 marks

(i) Ratio Analysis

Assignment 4 - Upload Here 1 marks

(i) Time Value of Money

Assignment 5 - Upload Here 1 marks

(i) Comapny Serial Numbers [Download]

Assignment 6 - Upload Here 2 marks

Select 10 companies from Database, and merge the share prices data of these companies on the basis of data


Assignment 7 - Upload Here 1 marks

Macro use - Copy data 10000 times


ASSIGNMENT No. 3 Automation of Cheque Printing

Download this excel file and complete the following steps.

  • In the UBL Sheet, you should apply a macro function that does the following:
  • From the Salary sheet, person names and salary figures are posted to the relevant space of the cheque
  • Five cheques are printed with the macro in one go while the next applicaton of the macro prints next five cheques.

ASSIGNMENT No. 2 Salary Slip Calculation

 Download this excel file and complete the following steps.

1. Complete all the columns for at least 10 person by assuming different salary packages for every person

2. In column M, apply the validation function with options YES and NO

3. Calculate Taxable income in colum N, which should be linked to column M with respect to YES or NO exemption of medical allowance

4. Apply the following tax brackets and rates and find tax in column O: 

Less than 600000=0% tax

600001-950000  = 10% tax of the amount exceeding 400000

 950001-18,00,000 =  Rs. 35000+15% of the amount exceeding 750000

1,800,001-2,900,00 = Rs. 147,500+20% of the amount exceeding 1,500,000

5. Find monthly tax

6. Find monthly salary

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