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Students Supervised

 Name     Session Program Research Title
 Hamid Ali Shah 2008-10 MS 
 Hamidullah 2008-10 MS 
 Jasir Ilyas 2009-11 MS 
 Kamran 2010-12 MS The Impact of Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure on Earnings Management Practices: Evidence from Listed Companies in Pakistan
 Ayesha Sami 2011-13 MS 
 Alina Maqsood 2011-13 MSCorporate Governance and Cash Holdings in Listed Non-Financial Firms of Pakistan
 Ali Abdullah 2012-14 MSCan Institutional Isomorphism Explain Corporate Dividend Policies in Pakistan?
 Mohib Ullah    2012-14 MSFactors Influencing Reaction of Stock Prices to Dividend Announcements
 Ejaz Hussain 2012-14 MSDividend Smoothing in Family and Non-Family Firms: Evidence from Pakistan
 Anaam Naeem 2013-15 MSImpact of Capital Gain Tax on Dividend Payouts: Evidence from Pakistan
 Jalal Shah 2013-15 MSContrarian and Momentum Investment Strategies in Karachi Stock Exchange
 Khyber 2013-15 MSImpact of Corporate Life Cycle Stages on Implied Cost of Equity
 Mohay Ud Din Shah 2013-15 MSHerding Behavior in Karachi Stock Exchange
 Muhammad Afraz Abdur Rahman 2013-15 MSWhat Explains the Declining Corporate Debt Maturity of Pakistani Firms?
Demand or Supply Side Factors

 Name     Year ProgramResearch Title
 Muhammad Tofail     2012 BBA Predicting ROE with Dis-aggregated Income statement Components: Evidence from Pakistan
 Sami Ur Rehman 2012 MBA Capital Structure and Abnormal Returns
 Saad Waseem     2012 Msc Finance First Half-of-a-Month Effect in Stock Returns: Evidences from KSE-100 Index
 Muhammad Rehan     2012 MBA (B&F) The Effect of Intra-Industry Conformity on Dividend Policy:  A Case Study of KSE Firms
 Khurram Rauf 2012 MBA An Investigation of the Role of Technical Analysis In Predicting Karachi Stock Exchange
 Tofail Ahmad 2012 MBA The Role of Micro Finance in Poverty Alleviation
 Syed Kamal Ali Shah 2012 MBA The Effect of Ownership Dispersion on the Risk of Equity
 Akhtar Munir 2012 MBA-3 Semester Do Industries Predict the Stock Market?
 Fazal Jamil 2014  
 Muhammad Farid 2014  
 Muhammad Haris 2014  
 Tahir Ali 2014  
 Saqib Ahmad 2014  
 Faridoon Ahmad2015  MBA Effect of Terrorism on Stock returns
 Naeem Shah2016 MBA The Impact of Firm Size on Firm Performance
 Shafiq Ur Rehman2016 MBA 3S Prize Bond Scheme And Its Motives Behind Issuance
 Raza Ullah    2016 MBA 3S Investors' Bahavior and Investment Decisions