Create a Sequential Serial Number for Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters

For forvalue loop in Stata, we need a series of values placed with equal gaps. If we need to run a loop on months or weeks, we need to create an indicator variable that tracks months or weeks since a given date. For that we, first need to generate year, month, or week. indicators as follows. Suppose we have date variable that tracks time
To create year indicator;

     gen year = year (date)

Similarly, for month and week indicator, the code is;

     gen month = month (date)
    gen week  = week  (date)
Now to create month serial number; 

    gen month_serial = ym(year, month)
    qui sum month_serial
    replace month_serial = month_serial - r(min) + 1

Similarly,  to create week serial number; 

    gen week_serial = yw(year, week)
    qui sum week_serial
    replace week_serial = month_serial - r(min) + 1


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