Msc (Finance) - Final Assignment

Note: the assignment should be submitted before January 20, 2012 on The assignments will be checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is higher than 15%, the assignment will be rejected. You should give answers to the following questions using as many sources as available (i.e. use books, internet). However, you should use your own wordings. The total length of the assignment should be of 2500 words or more.

1.       Explain what is t-test? Explain the following types of t-tests with the help of a separate example for each one:

a.       One sample t-test

b.      Independent two samples t-tests

c.       Paired samples t-test

2.       Write notes on the following:

a.       Regression analysis

b.      R-squred

c.       Intercept

d.      Beta

e.      P-value

f.        T-value

3.       Write a note of panel data analysis. Explain the difference between pooled regression and fixed-effects regression with examples.

4.       Identify and explain the steps that are required to perform on the data before running regression

5.       Explain null and alternative hypotheses with examples. Also explain type I and type II errors.

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