Macroeconomics & Monetary Statistics of Pakistan

macroeconomic data

 Weekly Inflation and Interest Rates 2004-2014 Download 
 Quarterly Foretasted GDP Data of Pakistan 1979-2003 Download 
 Quarterly Foretasted GDP Data of Pakistan 1972-2010 Download 
 Annual GDP and other Indicators of Pakistan 1951-2007 Download 
Macro Economic Data of Pakistan Download
Latest Macro Economic Data of Pakistan Download
Inflation and CPI of Pakistan from 1991 - 2007 Download
Gold Prices from 2000 - 2010 Download
Other Data of Pakistan Download
Capital Market Investment by Foreign Investors in Pakistan Download
Private Investment in Pakistani Sectors 2007-2012 Download
 Pakistani Imports and Exports Quarterly Data from 1957 to 2008 Download
 Pakistani Monthly Exports from 2002 to 2011 Download

  •  Historical Average Monthly Exchange rates of Pakistan Rupee into Dollars  from 1980-2012.XLS  Download
  •  Historical End of Month Exchange rates of Pakistan Rupee into Dollars  from  1980-2012.XLS  Download
  • For getting Pakistani and other countries foreign exchange rates, you can visit this website

  Lending and Deposit Rates of Pakistan 2000-2011 Download
  Monetary Statistics of Pakistan (M2, Loans, T-bills) 1950-2012 Download
  Discount Rates by SBP 1991 - 2009 Download
  Composite Data by SBP Download
  SIR and Monthly T-Bills Rates of Pakistan Oct 2012 - Nov 2013  Download
  Structure of Interest Rates of Pakistan Download

development indicators

Pakistan Development Indicators by World Bank. These include data on Population, GDP, Production, Consumption, Agriculture, Schooling, Military, Infrustructure, and more than 5000 other variables from 1960-2012 [ Download ]