Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Data

The following data are the results of efforts spreading over many years. The sole purpose of providing all the hard-to-find/compile-data is to help researchers in Pakistan. Me and my colleagues had gone through rounds of difficult times to approach many institutions while collecting data for our PhD theses. Now I want to facilitate others in avoiding such time-consuming activities. I hope that these efforts will facilitate financial researchers in Pakistan at large. In return, I expect prayers. Also, I expect others to cooperate by sending in other helpful data so that the same can be made available on this page

share prices -  ONEDRIVE

The following files contain share prices data of firms listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) from 1991 to Feb 2015. In some case, the data is from 2004 and onwards. This is due to listing of the firms in this period. The share prices data is arranged symbol wise [Symbol list and firm names can be found here]. 

A    |    B    |    C    |    D    |    E    |    F    |   G-H  

I    |    J     |    K     |    L    |    M    |    N   |   O    |

P    |   Q    |       |    S    |    T       U    |    V-W |

X-Y |  Z    |


A    |    B    |    C    |    D    |    E    |    F    |   G-H  |

I    |    J     |    K     |    L    |    M    |    N   |    O    |

P    |   Q    |       |    S    |    T       U    |    V-W |

X-Y  Z    |

futures contract PRICES

The following files contain prices data of future contracts listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) from start to Feb 2015. Each company symbol is accompanied by a hyphen (-) and month abbreviation that reflects the maturity of the contract by end of that month.

Symbols from A to F 

Symbols from G- M

Symbols from N to Z

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kse 100-index data

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