KSE - Annual Reports 2014_2

Annual Reports of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Listed Firms for the Year 2014

The following data are the results of efforts spreading over many years. The sole purpose of providing all the hard-to-find/compile-data is to help researchers in Pakistan. Me and my colleagues had gone through rounds of difficult times to approach many institutions while collecting data for our PhD theses. I want to facilitate others in avoiding such time-consuming activities. In return, I expect prayers.

DSML - Annual Report of Dar Es salam Textile Mill 2014 Download 
DTML - Annual Report of Dewan Textile Mills 2014 Download 
DWSM - Annual Report of Dewand Sugar Mills 2014 Download 
DYNO - Annual Report of Dynea Pakistan  2014 Download 
ECOP - Annual Report of Eco Pakistan 2014 Download 

ELCM - Annual Report of Elahi cotton 2014 Download 
ELSM - Annual Report of  Ellcot Spinning Mills Limited 2014 Download 
ENGRO - Annual Report of ENGRO Corp 2014 Download 
EXIDE - Annual Report of Exide 2014 Download 

FABM - Annual Report of  Allied Bank Modaraba Firs 2014 Download 
FASM - Annual Report of Faisal sinning mill 2014 Download 
FATIMA - Annual Report of  Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited 2014 Download 
Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim 2014 Download 
Fazal Textile 2014 Download 

FAZTM - Annual Report of  Fazal Textile Mills Limited 2014 Download 
FCCL - Annual Report of Fauji Cement Company 2014 Download 
FEROZ - Annual Report of Ferozesons Laboratories Limited 2014 Download 
FFCL - Annual Report of   2014 Download 
FFFBL- Annual Report of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim 2014 Download 

ADMM - Annual Report of Artistic Denim Mills Limited 2014 Download