KSE - Annual Reports 2014

Annual Reports of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Listed Firms for the Year 2014

The following data are the results of efforts spreading over many years. The sole purpose of providing all the hard-to-find/compile-data is to help researchers in Pakistan. Me and my colleagues had gone through rounds of difficult times to approach many institutions while collecting data for our PhD theses. I want to facilitate others in avoiding such time-consuming activities. In return, I expect prayers.

 Annual Report of                       Al-Abbas Sugar Mills 2014 Download
AATM - Annual Report of  Ali Asghar Textile Mills 2014 Download
ABOT - Annual Report of   Abott Laboratories Ltd. 2014 Download
ACPL - Annual Report of    Attock Cement Pakistan 2014 Download
ADAMS - Annual Report of Adam Sugars Mills part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
ADMM - Annual Report of Artistic Denim Mills Limited 2014 Download 
AGIL -Annual Report of    Agriautos Industries Limited 2014 Download
  Annual Report of  Ahmad Hassan Textile 2014 Download
ANL -Annual Report of     Azgard Nine Annual Report 2014 Download
ASTM -Annual Report of Asim Textile 2014 Download

ATBA -Annual Report of  Atlas Battery 2014 Download
ATEL -Annual Report of                 Atlas Engineering 2014 Download
ATIL -Annual Report of Atlas Insurance 2014 Download
ATLH -Annual Report of Atlas Honda 2014 Download
BAPL -Annual Report of Bawany Air Products Limited 2014 Download

BCL -Annual Report of Bolan Casting Ltd 2014 Download
BCML -Annual Report of Babri Cotton 2014 Annual 2014 Download
BERG -Annual Report of Berger Paints Pakistan Limited 2014 Download
BFMOD -Annual Report of  B. F. Modaraba 2014 Download
BGL -Annual Report of Balochistan Glass Limited 2014 Download

BHAT -Annual Report of Bhanero Textile Mills Limited 2014 Download
BILF -Annual Report of Bilal Fibre 2014 Download
BNWM -Annual Report of Bannu Woollen Mills Limited 2014 Download
BPL -Annual Report of Burshane LPG 2014 Download
BWHL -Annual Report of Balochistan Wheels 2014 Download
BYCO - Annual Report of Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited  2014 Download

CEFP -Annual Report of Central Forest Products 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Crecent Fiber Limited 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Clover Pakistan Limited 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Dadex Limited 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Dadabhoy-Cement-Industries 2014 Download

DCL -Annual Report of Dewan Cement 2014 Download
DFML -Annual Report of Dewan Farooq Motors 2014 Download
DFSM -Annual Report of Dewan Farooq Textile 2014 Download
DGKC -Annual Report of D. G. Khan Cement Company 2014 Download
DH  -Annual Report of  2014 Download

DINT -Annual Report of  Din Textile Mills Limited 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Dewan Khalid Textile 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Dewan Nushtaq Textile Mills 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Descon Oxychem Limited 2014 Download
 -Annual Report of Dewand Salman Fiber 2014 Download

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