Make up Assignment

Make-up assignments



Assignment No.2 Portfolio and Efficient Frontier

Select any 3 securities and use 10 years dividends and share prices data to do the assignment.  See the regular assignment page [Portfolio Assignment]for further details and instructions


Assignment No. 4 CAPM

Select a security of your choice and use 5 years monthly share prices data to calculate RRR with CAPM. For further details see the regular page ofCAPM Assignment


Assignment No. 5 FAMA and French

Take share prices data for 10 small and 10 large, 10 high B/M stocks and 10 low B/M stocks with two years monthly.  For further details see the regular page of Fama and French Assignment


Assignment No.5 Dividend Discount Model

Do the dividend discount model and P/E ratio assignment for 5 companies with 8 years of data. For further details see the regular page of Dividend Discount Model and P/E Technique


Important! Please do not ask me for any favor, favor yourself and do your assignments in time; or just face the music!!!!!!