Assignment 1

Investment and Portfolio Management

Assignment No.1

Marks = 7

KSE Related Concepts

Explain in detail each concept (minimum half printed-page explanation (300 words) of each concept required).  Each concept has 0.5 marks
. There is no need to submit the assignment in print.
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B.     You will not get any mark for direct copy paste from the internet or your class fellows


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 Please refer to the "NAFA Funds Managers' Report May, 2012" [Download ] and discuss/summarize the following from the report:

  1.   Summarize key discussion points from the "Budget Fy12-13: Implications for investors". Note that you have to cover in your discussion these aspects "Impact on Infl.ation, Interest Rates and Exchange Rates:, " Implications for the Stock Market ", " Impact on Mutual / Pension Funds Investors " 



2.    Summarize key discussion points from the " Stock Market Review", and "Bond Market Review" from the NAFA report, page 2.

3.     Discuss how margin financing works at KSE? (the detailed method of where the funds are obtained from and how funds are then lent to investors )

4.     What is KMI index, how it is formed and why it was introduced?

5.     What is KSE 100 index? Discuss what does increase or decrease in points mean?

6.     Differentiate between KSE 100 index and KSE 30 Index

7.     Summarize the Listing Regulations of KSE for "Equity Listing on Normal Counter" which are necessary for a company to get listed on KSE.

8.     Discuss theses terms of KSE: Odd-lot, defaulter counter, de-listed companies, provisionally listed companies, future market

9.     Can a broker go bankrupt? How?

10.   Differentiate between CDC and NCCPL? Remember to give clear cut points of distinctions between the two companies; only discussing their functions will not serve the purpose.

11.   Discuss at least 3 internet website from which you can obtain historical share prices data of Pakistani firms. Also tell the steps in which you can do so?



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