Instructions for Assignments:

A. Never copy paste from the internet. Use your own wordings and give proper references when you take help from the internet

B. Always submit your assignment in time; you may submit your assignment before the due date to get it corrected before the final submission

C. Seek guidance and give guidance from/to your class-mates in any form other than giving him or her your USB. Assignment similar in contents or formate will get zero marks. Also, if you commit this mistake twice, all of your 20 marks will be lost


1.  KSE related Concepts Marks (4) 
2.  Portfolio Risk and Return  Markst (3)
3. Operationalizing CAPM Marks (3)
4. FAMA and French Marks (4)
5.  Dividend Discount Model and P/E Technique 
6. Industry Analysis

Data Sources

Make-up Assignments